InBody Dial H30

  • JOE (@joe_chiao0204) unboxing ✨

    I usually have no worries about eating. Is it time to understand my body? In order to control my desire to "eat" delicious food, it is necessary to use InBody to accurately understand body changes! However, it is inevitable that measurement requires a trip to the gym and additional expenses. So this time I used the InBody home version, made in Korea and guaranteed by an international brand! I like how textured it looks! Very beautiful😍

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  • Tiffany (@_t.iffany_) unboxing✨

    In the past, controlling my figure was all about the number on the scale. After I started exercising, I realized that weight is not important, but body composition is important.

    Because of this, InBody measurement has become the thing I look forward to most when I go to the gym. Accurate data not only allows you to review your living habits, see if your efforts have paid off, and review why you have regressed💪

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  • Kerry 허가현(@kerry.syu) Unboxing✨

    After using it personally for a month, the machine operation, App interface, accuracy and quality are all very high! Connected App can also directly store and track body data! It also supports sharing and separate storage for the whole family, allowing the whole family to monitor muscle and fat mass.

    Last year I shared the white one with you, and this year I’m sharing this black one with you. It’s super beautiful and classy👍

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Know your body composition

Body composition analysis is critical for health monitoring because traditional health assessment methods such as BMI can introduce errors. InBody H20N home version body fat meter will accurately analyze your body!

Mobile phone connection APP to check at any time

Through Bluetooth connection, you can view data on your mobile phone, pair with unlimited users, and record and manage the whole family's health data in one device.

High quality stainless steel electrode pads

The principle of the InBody H20N home version of the body fat meter is like passing a weak current through the human body, and obtaining body data by measuring the impedance of the human body.

Eight-point contact electrode technology

Multi-frequency impedance measurement technology is used to measure limb and trunk data without using empirical variables. The whole body can be sensed rather than estimated.

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