Return and exchange rules

Please read the following product information carefully before ordering

Products must be calibrated and inspected by Korean engineers before shipment. Production capacity is limited and delivery will be arranged in order of orders.

If the event provides gifts, the gifts will be sent after the seven-day appreciation period has passed and [Complete Order] has been clicked.

The arrival time of the product will be affected by factors such as raw materials, climate, epidemic situation, flight delays, etc. For the correct delivery time, please pay attention to the logistics and distribution information or confirm with WeChat customer service.

Home delivery instructions

After the goods are imported, they will be delivered by SF Express, and the delivery scope is Hong Kong and Macao.

This product cannot be delivered to other provinces and autonomous regions in China, please forgive me.

Instructions for returns, exchanges and 7- day appreciation period

Consumers have the right to a seven-day (including holidays) hesitation period starting from the day after the product arrives. The hesitation period is not a trial period, so please note. For overseas consumers outside Hong Kong and Macao, return service will not be provided after the goods are shipped (but the goods will still enjoy warranty service if they are defective). Please make a careful decision before placing an order.

If the product has been unpacked and used, in addition to the defects of the product itself, based on safety and health considerations, the body fat meter will not provide return or exchange services after the product is unpacked. The product you return or exchange must be in brand new condition, and the complete packaging must not be Unpack.

Please pay attention to maintaining the integrity of the product body, accessories, gifts, warranty, original packaging, shipping box and all accompanying documents. Do not miss any accessories or damage the original outer box. When returning the product, please use the company's mailing address. The outer carton used to deliver the product to you must be packed in its original packaging. Do not allow the home delivery order to be directly pasted or written on the original outer box of the product. The original outer box and original packaging are part of the product. If there are any lost, damaged or missing parts, it may affect your right to return the product. In order to restore it to its original condition, the necessary refurbishment fee will be charged based on the original factory appraisal.

In order to protect the rights and interests of both parties, please record the entire unpacking process to ensure that the goods are not missing, wrongly sent, out of stock, defective products, etc. Please use the "complete video file" as the basis. ( Start shooting from the complete unopened state of the delivery box. It is a complete video file ) The video must clearly capture [unopened state], [unpacking process], [object body], [product details], etc. The video must provide "original clear unboxing video". Videos that are fast forwarded or have obvious editing marks will not be accepted.

If you have any doubts about the product, please attach the physical delivery note and complete video file within three days from the day of receipt ( inclusive ) as a basis for notification. If the product hardware is defective and you want to return or exchange it, please contact WeChat customer service first, and keep the product and The packaging is complete.